8 Spring Time Activities for the Whole Family

Spring Time Activities for the Whole FamilyWhen the sun is finally shining after spending months in the house all winter, both parents and their kids are looking for ways to enjoy the spring. Staring at screens day-in and day-out is much more exhausting than we think. Let’s get out of the house and off of the phone! Here are some ways to take you and your kids back to the days of old school fun.

Warning: This blog may cause extreme nostalgia!

1. Family picnic

Unfortunately so many people have forgotten the simple joy of gathering up a few friends and lying out in the park to eat sandwiches. Yes, people still do this, but not enough people. Did you know some kids don’t even know what a game of handball is in 2015? Show your kids the joy of park play and eating sandwiches. Bring a speaker for music and leave the tablets at home.

2. Bike riding

When we were children, it was a milestone in life to learn to ride a bike. Now, it’s pretty cool but not as common. The rush we get from bike riding is still unparalleled. The springtime is the perfect time to blow the dust off your two-wheeler and show your family around the neighborhood without the car. This is a workout and a ton of fun for both you and them.

3. Start a photo journal

Flowers blooming and birds chirping shouldn’t go undocumented. Taking your family outside to observe some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations is a fun way to bond. Try to learn photography techniques with your children then create a photo journal to look back on for years to come.

4. Blow bubbles

Nothing says it’s warm outside more than the effortless joy of blowing bubbles in the back yard. Young children love to play and dance amidst bubbles and they don’t get to see them as much these days. Turn up the music and blow a couple of bubbles. This is an easy way to celebrate spring without draining too much energy. (Bubble blowing machines are acceptable!)

5. Go to community sports games

Did you know most communities have dedicated sports teams? Show your community, school, or even job’s sporting team some love and show support in the bleachers. These events are often vastly under-attended in many communities so they’ll be glad you came. If you’re up to the challenge, your family can even sign up!

6. Wash the car together

“I don’t want my car washed for free,” said no one ever. I’m all for killing two birds with one stone. Most kids are really excited about the idea of helping mom or dad wash the car. Turn on the hose, grab a few sponges and make it a family activity.

7. Hop-scotch

Did you know that people still draw images on the asphalt with chalk? Did you know kids still enjoy it? *gasp* Having permission to go wild on the concrete is still an absolute dream for children. This is the easiest way for them to fulfill their vandalism fantasies without damaging the walls in your house.

8. Go to a carnival

Ferris wheels are still and hopefully will always be “a thing.” If you aren’t scared of heights your child will love experiencing a carnival with you. Cotton candy, bumper cars and clowns are things all millennial children should experience at least once!

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